2009-06-05 05:33:39 by KJLOPIK2007

Hi NG!

This is KJLOPIK2007. I would like to offer You all the opportunity of visiting Outlaw:Graphic (O:G)- the digital photoshop image creator webpage. We are new, fresh community, who are basicly interested in PS (CS3- CS4) and we're currently seeking members and clients (don't worry- it's free) for our litle website.
So come on down, don't be a stranger. Register and explore! Leave something of You inside of it!


P.S. In O:G I'm known as Darnell, so don't get confused :)


2008-07-15 09:53:47 by KJLOPIK2007

There you go NG! My new song is out!!!! May not be the best but it's good and I hope you'll like this!


2008-04-02 02:48:48 by KJLOPIK2007

My songs are noticed!!!! (I'm posting this because i am really happy of my score!) I think i will make some more trance or drum and bass songs if you liked those two!

Hi it's me again

2008-02-08 03:34:28 by KJLOPIK2007

Yesterday i've posted a new song.... it's really good trance but the moderator didn't take a peek at my work... but when it will be on the charts you'll be able to listen to it... hope you'll like it.... peace!

New year for newgrounds

2008-01-03 12:23:12 by KJLOPIK2007

It's a new year for this site and it's users! I wish you all good luck on your new flash projects! I'm sure that you going to have lots of good things in this year!


2007-12-30 08:29:37 by KJLOPIK2007

Newgrounds rule the web!